Thursday, February 23, 2006

If there's one thing that can make Republicans and Democrats work together...

It's George W. Bush's policies. And its usually working against him

So Bush tried to sneak the transfer of major east coast port management to a Middle Eastern business past Congress, and Congress isn't happy about it.

There are some, the White House included, that accuse opponents to the deal of being prejudiced and saying that because they're a Middle Eastern company people are opposing on terms of racial intolerance.

That's just stupid.

Now, I wouldn't put it past Bill Frist and Tom DeLay to use that as their motivation for opposition, but I think the real reason both parties in Congress are openly condemning this move is because of Bush's prediliction toward eshewing the checks and balances in the Constitution, such as Congressional oversight of Executive power.

The Bush administration tried to sneak this past Congress, and when someone finds out, it sends up a huge red flag that someone somewhere is trying to get away with something. Then today we find out that Bush had a secret agreement with the company to not have to go through the usual routine investigations or record-keeping practices required by law. This just screams that they knew something would be found if these routine investigations had occurred.

Most members of Congress are not saying "no, we will not let this company operate our ports." They're really just saying "give us time to investigate this sale and make sure it's in the best interests of our country."

Not an unreasonable request if you ask me.


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